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New Fun Play Pet Toy Products Catnip Attractive Paste And Toy Kit

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Product nameNew Fun Play Pet Toy Products  Catnip Attractive Paste And Toy Kit 
Suitable forCats
Item No.2093
Carton size57.5*34*44cm
Weight per carton10.19kg
Product descriptionTreat your cat to the fun of catnip without the mess. Simply fill the toy with a small amount of catnip paste for healthy play and mental stimulation.
A toy for every kind of play:
Interactive:Dangle and drag these toys to draw out your cat’s instinct to stalk, chase, and pounce.
Active play:Toys that crinkle, squeak, and bounce keep your cat occupied and happy.
Dental:Toys with tough, durable textures help keep your cat’s teeth clean.

Directions of useTo fill toy, twist halves in opposite directions until it opens. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of paste into either half. To close, align slots on one half of toy with tabs on other half. Push halves together, then twist until toy clicks and locks in place. Keep catnip paste tube tightly closed to ensure freshness. Catnip paste will harden inside toy in about two weeks. Remove dried paste and refill.
CautionAlways supervise pet during play.
Keep out of reach of pet when not in use.
Not a child’s toy. Intended for cats only.
Not to be used as food or treat.

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