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Product nameNew Style Pet Health Products High Adsorption Capacity Plant Degradable Cat Litter For Urinary Health Indicators
Suitable forCats
Main ingredients

Vegetable fiber, starch, guar gum, indicator

Product description

1.Use plant degradable raw materials with high adsorption capacity;
2.Groups are easy to flush, which is convenient for pet owners to clean up pet excrement in time.

Usage1.Fill a clean litter tray with 4-6cm of Tofu Cat Litter
2.Remove the clumps and add fresh cat litter regularly
3.Keep a depth of 4cm,empty entire litter tray for fresh cat litter once a month
CautionStore in a dry,ventilated place

According to the color change, the pet's health status can be reminded:

if the color changes from red to orange or green to blue for more than 3 days, the pet is healthy Problems may occur.

If the color is yellow, it indicates that the pet should be healthy.

How to use:

The recommended thickness of cat litter in the litter box is 5-8CM.

Clean up the pet excrement once a day, and you can flush the toilet directly.

It is recommended to clean the litter box thoroughly once every two weeks to one month.


Avoid storing in fire, humidity, high temperature and direct sunlight.

This product has a health indication function, but cannot be used as a basis for clinical diagnosis.

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